Australian Gun Rights: Resist the radical left-wing!

We set-up a twitter page for the Australian Defence League and sent Australian Prime Minister Malcom Turnbull a tweet about gun rights. Here is his reply to it:

Malcom Turnbull‏ @MalcomTurnbulll Replying to @FreeAustralia17 @TurnbullMalcolm Put your gun rights to use and kill @iJevin

Our reply to him was, “What gun rights?”

That’s obviously something a Liberal would say.

It is our hope that the twitter Page will embolden Australian citizens to take a stand for gun rights in Australia.

We would appreciate it if all twitter users would follow the new page and lend your support:


Australia’s Lessons on Gun Control


On April 28, 1996, a 28-year-old Australian man named Martin Bryant ate lunch at Broad Arrow Cafe in Port Arthur, Tasmania, a historic penal colony that is a popular tourist resort. After his meal, he returned his tray, removed a semiautomatic rifle from his bag, and opened fire. By the time Bryant was caught a day later, 35 people were dead and 23 wounded in what became the worst mass shooting in Australian history—one whose impact is felt even today.

There had been previous mass shootings in Australia, but none in recent times of this magnitude. The killings, which came just weeks after the mass shooting in Dunblane, Scotland, resonated across Australia, a nation that traditionally had a high rate of gun ownership and that espoused the ideals of rugged individualism, much like the U.S. does. But after the massacre, the ruling center-right Liberal Party joined with groups from across the political spectrum to work on legislation to sharply restrict the availability of guns.

Australian Gun confiscation protestors

Gun possession in the United States has nothing to do with hunting and everything to do with self defense.

We find it interesting to note that EVERY shooter in mass-casualty shootings over the past 100+ years was at one time or another a registered DEMOCRAT, a liberal. Not 1 of those shooters was at any time a member of the NRA. The answer of course, is to outlaw possession of a firearm by a Democrat, since Liberalism has been proven to be a mental illness.

Now you can add Elliot Rodger – the next in a long line of mass murderers with mass murder on their minds:

THE LIST: – Nidal Hasan – Ft Hood Shooter: Reg­istered Democrat and Muslim.

– Aaron Alexis, Navy Yard shooter – black liberal/Obama voter

– Seung-Hui Cho – Virginia Tech shooter: Wrote hate mail to President Bush and to his staff, registered Democrat.

– James Holmes – the “Dark Knight”/Colorado shooter: Registered Democrat, staff worker on the Obama campaign, #Occu­py guy,progressive liberal, hated Christians.

– Amy Bishop, the rabid leftist, killed her colleagues in Alabama, Obama supporter.

– Andrew J. Stack, flew plane into IRS building in Texas – Leftist Democrat

– James J. Lee who was the “green activist”/ leftist took hostages at Discovery Channel – progressive liberal Democrat.

– Jared Loughner, the Tucson shooter

– Leftist, Marxist. dem mass murder– Ohio bomb plot derps were occupy Wall St leftists.

– Harris and Klebold, the Columbine Shooters – families registered Democrats and progressive Leftists.

– Bill Ayers, Weather Underground bomber – Leftist Democrat.

– Lee Harvey Oswald, Socialist, Communist and Democrat – killed JFK…

So why are there no conservative NRA members involved in mass shootings? Easy enough to answer: They aren’t Liberals. Liberalism is a mental illness. If you want to stop mass shootings ANYWHERE simply outlaw the possession of a firearm by anyone who has ever registered in a Liberal political party.

Register Democrats & Liberals, NOT firearms; and outlaw the possession or sale to anyone who is a Liberal. Case closed!

Meet The Truth about GUN CONTROL.

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