Antifa Supporters: Because They are too STUPID to Learn History

This is what the left thinks of free speech. These useful idiot leftists fear sunlight like Dracula. Look at the eyes on this jackass. He is stoned and calling everyone he doesn’t agree with a racist. After watching this commie slime bucket for a while, I decided that the problem, with these anti-fascist rats is that they didn’t get enough love at home, so they seek it from the ghost of Adolf Hitler.

Watch the cameo of fanatics in this video and decide. Do you really think that they are NOT capable of mass murder for their cause? It is very difficult to stay peaceful in the face of this stuff. It is no accident that they are rearing their ugly heads after most of the World War II generation has gone. That generation would see through this stuff in a minute. More proof Liberalism is a mental illness.

Remember Rwanda? Darker skinned blacks butchered a million lighter skinned blacks in about a hundred days, because of the same kind of hatred the liberal cult has planted and nurtured in American blacks and naive American white liberals.

That’s ten thousand a day, in a country a small fraction of the size of America. One big difference though is that in our case the minority has been programmed to hate the majority, while the opposite was done in Rwanda; but the liberal cult is on a mission to change that demographic, and is having much success.

So what is true for us is not likely to be true for our children and their children. I think a day will come when they ask why we allowed them to be betrayed.


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