ANTIFA Update for November 4

Deep cover covert operatives from within the ranks of America’s militia movement have infiltrated the ANTIFA and Black Lives Matter anarchist groups and have identified over 75 American and international anarchist groups, in addition to obtaining information about the groups’ plans to riot around the country on November 4th.

The militia operatives are passing their information on to local, state and Federal authorities around the country.

Please feel free to copy & paste this entire message and e-mail it to everybody you know.

Their list of anarchistic organizations follows:


CrimethInc. Workers’ Collective

It’s Going Down


Earth First! Journal

AK Press

PM Press

Indigenous Action

New York Anarchist Action

The Base

NYC Anarchist Black Cross

Pittsburgh Autonomous Student Network

Pittsburgh Student Solidarity Coalition

NightShade Pittsburgh

Pitt Against Debt

Pitt Students for a Democratic Society

Steel City (A) Team


Antifa Seven Hills

WNC Antifa

Asheville Anti-Racism

Black Rose Book Distro St. Louis

Resonance: An anarchist audio distro

Rose City Antifa

Torch Antifa Network

Central Oklahoma Black/Red Alliance (COBRA)

Sprout Distro

New Wave Army

Puget Sound Anarchist Black Cross

Four Corners Antifa

Chicago Anarchist Black Cross

NYC Anarchist Book Fair


Autonomous Actions Against Prisons—Seattle

Antifa United

Denver Anarchist Black Cross

Loughborough Labour Party

Words as Weapons


Stinney Distro

The Roosevelt Group

LeftSec/AnonAnarchistAction – i2p Darknet anarchohacker collective

Hispagatos – International hacking collective

Shades of Silence

Wildfire Anarchist Prison Newsletter

Students Without Borders

Solidarity Houston

South Florida Smash HLS

Students Against State Violence

Bloomington Solidarity Network

Anarquismo en PDF

Burning River Anarchist Distro

Lehigh Valley Vanguard


Rocky Mountain Antifa

Hudson Valley Anarchist Network

Proletarian Liberation Front

Agência de Notícias Anarquistas-ANA (Brazil)

Morgantown Ultra Left Network

New Brunswickers against Fracking

Art Haus of Albany

Black Powder Press


Stand Up Fight Back

CopWatch Patrol Unit

Revolutionary Security Corps

L.I.F.E.E. Organization

Anonymous NYC

Mutiny Antarsya Tempe

Flatirons Anarchist Alliance

Redneck Revolt

Anarchist Initiative Ljubljana (Slovenia)

Hampton Roads Justice Network

Sword of Spartacus

Olympia General Membership Branch of the IWW

gROUPSELF Kollektive

Firestorm Books and Café

The Autonomous Womyn’s Front

Revolutionary Road Radio show

Revolutionary Caucus of Tampa Bay

The Refuge


St. Louis Antifa


Direct Action Monterey Network

Ottawa Antifa

Black Rose Federation

International of Anarchist Federations (IAF-IFA)

SUB-ANTIFA (Indonesia)

This information is the tip of a very large iceberg. The following list of riot locations floating around America’s Internet is a very inaccurate list, and represents possible misrepresentation by ANTIFA themselves, because many of the towns and cities listed are bedroom communities of much larger metropolitan areas; hardly a blip on a much larger screen:

As a result of intentional, deliberate misinformation as shown on the ANTIFA poster below which is being circulated among ANTIFA and Black Lives Matter groups across the country, the militias are asking all Trump supporters and citizens to not wear any #MAGA or pro-Trump apparel on November 4th. Doing so will make you a target.

The militias are asking citizens and Law Enforcement officials in all identified areas to be alert to any unusual activities, which may include large busloads of people coming into their areas unexpectedly.

Trump supporters and patriots are advised to STAY AWAY from these locations and do not wear #MAGA apparel ANYWHERE on November 4th. The militias have stated they will not intervene unless called upon to do so by law enforcement or if anarchists brings their riots to their neighborhoods. Militia members will protect their own neighborhoods and the inalienable RIGHT to defend themselves and their loved ones, but will NOT act as an offensive force.

Anarcho-communist multibillionaire George Soros gave $18 billion to his Open Society Foundation to fund “rallies” (actually riots) planned for Nov 4th. The fool has finally done what is necessary to be arrested for sedition and treason, and we hope by the end of this week he will be occupying a small cubicle deep within the bowels of Federal Super Max prison.

The following is the most accurate recent update of riot locations uncovered by militia operatives:

For those of you who think the Antifa Riots are just a big joke and it isn’t going to happen, I just got off the phone with a friend who is a retired Deputy United States Marshall, and his thoughts on the subject were, “Well, we might as well just get it done and over with.” One thing is certain, and that is that there are going to be lots of dead Liberals when it is over and done with.

The latest intel from our covert ops team is that 2 ANTIFA anarchist groups either grew a brain or lost their nerve and have bowed-out of the November 4th festivities. Maybe they got wind the militias were coming, and hell’s coming with us!

Time to thin the herd! Lock & Load, Patriots!

I see dead Liberals

5 thoughts on “ANTIFA Update for November 4

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  1. The elected Government of the United States has sufficient means to deal with this hostile anti American movement. I expect then to and support them in what is done how they do it. My reccommendation to you is to cease and desist or prepare for more than you expected.


  2. Is there any speculation of what they’ll be wearing, or they all be uniformed. And better yet, what are the rules of engagement? Will we be held accountable or backed by the law enforcement or government if lethal deadly action is taken on or part’s?


  3. Is there any speculation of what they’ll be wearing, or they all be uniformed. And better yet, what are the rules of engagement? Will we be held accountable or backed by the law enforcement or government if lethal deadly action is taken on or part’s?


    1. There will be no rules of engagement. If they shoot, you shoot to kill. It’s called self defense. What will they be wearing? Apparently you didn’t read the full article.


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