Idaho Judge ought to be hanged from the nearest tree!

Lacy Peters and her precious daughter that was raped by Muslim refugees.

This article from WND infuriates me. Please read it and post your comments below. I would love to see tens of thousands of pissed-off Americans flood this incompetent, dishonorable JACKASS’s office with FAXES and phone calls to let him know what an unAmerican piece of shit he really is!

Read the article, CLICK HERE NOW

I DARE any Idaho prosecutor to prosecute me for speaking out against this miscarriage of justice. Judge Borresen & Wendy Olson BOTH ought to be hanged by a rope from the nearest tree. There is NOTHING honorable about Judge Borresen, and I challenge everybody who gives a damn to contact him and let him know what a disgusting piece of shit he really is!

Dishonorable Thomas Borresen

233 W Main Street Jerome, Idaho 83338

Phone: (208) 644-2600 Fax: (208) 644-2609

This Video is going Viral in Europe

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